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Nowput Finance

A revolution in UTXO based DeFi

NOWPGov Seed Allocation Progress



Pioneering UTXO

  • No need to trust centralized entities
  • No worry of compliance
  • No need for an account

Our First project: Fully Decentralized Binary Options Straight From Your Wallet

Say hello to the NOWP team

Fabrice Cru

Ambassador Program Manager - CORE

Jake Nylund

Blockchain Developer - CORE

Wang Xiao Yu 王晓钰

Blockchain Developer - CORE

David Owen Morris

Project Advisor/Mentor - ADVISORY

Paul William Mills

Marketing Advisor - ADVISORY

Zhu Bajie 007 豬八戒

Platform Advisor - ADVISORY

NOWP Roadmap

Socials Platform Launch

Initial design & branding and social media accounts launched + community channels created with anti-bot join verification

Pre-alpha Chain & Platform Testing Starts

Launch of testnet chain for NOWP, publish website, publish whitepaper. 1% of issuable governance tokens airdropped to active participants. 6 weeks

Alpha Testing Platform with UTXO tags

Second chain integrated, docs site for chain published, multisig staking pool testing, UTXO populated markets paper published. 1% of gov tokens dropped to active participants. Marketing Questboard launched. 6 weeks

Break it Hackathon

Chain & platform testing, pen test invites. 3% of total governance tokens available for bounties and participation airdrop. 4 weeks

Seed Sale

– 10% of available NOWPgov tokens on sale carrying platform and chain through closed door & public beta till fund completion along with second half of Alpha and Hackathon phases


Low limit market test with RTM/NOWP. FIRO testnet integration. LTC/BCH testnet integration. Platform docs site goes live. 2% of total NOWPgov available for bounties and participation airdrop

Private Sale

Sale of 20% of NOWPgov, sale to run concurrently with Pre-BETA

Public BETA

Low limit market testing on NOWP/RTM/FIRO/High MC UTXO pairings. Hackathon invites published. Questboard launches airdrop registration. BTC limited live testing. 6 weeks

Break It Hackathon

Aggressive platform & chain tests, Pen test invites for bounty. 3% of total NOWPgov tokens available for bounties and participation airdrop. 4 weeks

Public Sale

5% NOWPgov tokens on funding sale. Participants concurrent with previous hackathon

BIP Work Starts

Start work on a BIP to allow trading features directly in BTC/BCH core wallets


Platform Expansion
Industry Growth YoY
Combined Exp
Social Reach
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Nowput Finance

A revolution in UTXO based DeFi